China Telecom Blocks Skype Services

Technology | 14. 09. 2005
China Telecom's block comes a week after Skype announced that it has signed a deal with TOM Online, China's top wireless company, located in Hong Kong. The two companies forged an alliance to will tap into China's quickly growing online communication market.

All roads lead east for web firms

Technology | 31. 08. 2005
The boss of eBay recently told analysts that China was a "must win" for all global internet businesses.


Chinese car exports top imports

Business | 11. 12. 2005
Chinese car exports are exceeding imports for the first time, figures show, but officials have warned of possible over-production in the sector.

Foreign banks to get China leeway

Business | 11. 12. 2005
Beijing is taking further steps to make it easier for foreign banks to do business in China.


China torture

Politics | 11. 12. 2005
Torture remains widely in use across China, a top UN envoy has said.

Foreign companies in China

Politics | 24. 11. 2005
China is allowing more foreigners to control its companies. But it is imposing too many conditions.


HK gay sex rules

People | 31. 08. 2005
A Hong Kong judge has ruled that laws prohibiting gay sex by men under the age of 21 are unconstitutional.
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