Chinese car exports top imports

Business | 11. 12. 2005
Chinese car exports are exceeding imports for the first time, figures show, but officials have warned of possible over-production in the sector.

Foreign banks to get China leeway

Business | 11. 12. 2005
Beijing is taking further steps to make it easier for foreign banks to do business in China.

Airbus unveils $10bn Chinese deal

Business | 11. 12. 2005
European aircraft maker Airbus has agreed to sell 150 A320 planes to China in a deal worth almost $10bn (£5.7bn)

Foreign investment in China

Business | 24. 11. 2005
Faintly Declining Investment.The torrent of cash heading for China shows signs of abating.

India and China

Business | 24. 11. 2005
What's to stop India and China? India and China could grow even faster but for their political timidity.

Bank of China 'courts investors'

Business | 31. 08. 2005
Bank of China is in talks with several foreign banks about investing in the firm, newspaper reports have claimed.